This Free, All Natural, Ancient Japenese Therapeutic Practice Is Sweeping The US

Studies have demonstrated a wide array of health benefits, forest therapy provides especially in the cardiovascular and immune systems, and for stabilizing and improving mood and cognition.”

Before Refinancing Your Home Make Sure You Do The Math

Refinancing your home at the right time and with the right terms could save you thousands of dollars long term. On the other hand, an ill-advised refinance could tack on years to your current mortgage and cost you thousands in out of pocket expenses.

Researchers Say Your Antidepressants May Be Doing You More Harm Than Good.

Antidepressants are thought to be safe, however researchers and physicians are now aware of potentially devastating side effects antidepressants can have on patients.

Replace Yelling With These Mindful Behaviors And Watch Your Kids Transform

It is important to understand that successful parenting focuses on providing long-term solutions versus short term fixes. Yelling only yields short term results.

Are You Masking Procrastination With’Busyness?’ If So, You’re Hindering Your Productivity

Procrastination is a learned behavior that has little to do with time-management or planning. It’s about self-discipline and impulse control.

Want Better Relationships? Get To Know Yourself First. Here’s How

Getting to know yourself begins and ends with personal introspection. Understanding what makes you tick, what makes you happy or sad, discovering your fears and assessing how you truly feel about yourself is a journey requiring time, effort and courage.

6 Tricks To Help You Master The Art Of Conversation

Being good at conversation is different than being a good communicator. Communication is just one small component of the very delicate, dynamic and active dance that happens within every conversation.

Having A Performer’s Mindset Is The Hidden Key To Your Success

Performers and artists are deeply connected to their art forms. They expend copious amounts of energy and time producing a masterpiece for each and every one of their creations or performances. They take pride in pouring their heart and soul into each and every performance and creation.