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How To Stay Motivated While Pursuing Your Dreams

“Fall seven times, stand up eight…” ~Unknown


How To Determine Your TRUE Strengths And Weaknesses

Determining your true strengths and inadequacies requires brutal honesty.

A Hook-Up App For Moms?

Peanut is a hot new app that understands the plight of busy moms and has created a hookup app just for you!

20 Part-Time Jobs That Will Give You Extra Cash And Time To Spare

A great way to–somewhat–maintain your work independence and still survive financially is to work a part-time job.

Should You Go With Your Gut Or Get A Second Opinion?

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20 Recently Written Books Every Woman Should Read

These 20 books are guaranteed to inspire, educate, transform and bring back your roar!

20 Safe and Legitimate Ways To Get Money In A Pinch

Everyone needs some cash from time to time. The ways listed here are quick ways to get a hold of some extra cash. The best way to avoid these money crisis is by living modestly and well below your means, saving for emergencies and following a budget.