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The Secret To Our 22 Years Of Marriage

“If both of you are putting each other first then no one comes second.”~Anonymous


Relationships: The Secret To Romance And Longevity

It doesn’t matter how “lovey-dovey” cute and cuddly you are in the beginning. The honeymoon will end. And when it does you must work in order to make it last.

Breaking Up Is Easy… Here’s Why You Should Stay

While most people do get to experience “happy for a little while,” only a select few make it to “happily ever after.” Relationships are tough. And sustaining a relationship after the butterflies are gone, and you’ve seen her without makeup or have been assaulted by his morning breath–is especially difficult.

7 Indicators That Can Determine How Long Your Marriage Will Last

There is no recipe or secret to making a marriage last, there are however some key indicators that you may be on the right track.

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