Learn To Work Smarter Not Harder. Here’s How.

So much of our time and energy is wasted doing things that produce little to no real or valuable output. Imagine what you could accomplish or where you could be if you were able to cut your overall lack of productivity in half?

One of the top ways to make the most of your time is to utilize the 80/20 rule.

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Finally! Proof That Women Are Smarter Than Men

Finally! Research has proven that women need more sleep than men because they are smarter. It’s a scientific fact.

Ok… not exactly.

What research has been able to prove is that women have more complex brain activity than men.

According to Dr. Apostolos Georgopoulos, the director of the Brain Science Centre at the Minneapolis Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center:

“Women’s brains are definitely different from men’s brains… What we have found is that women, in many different tasks, process information about five times faster than men, and use much less of their brain to do identical cognitive performance.”

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Holiday Travel Tips

Time to visit Grandma and the in-laws for Christmas or maybe you want to spend New Year’s Eve in Paris? Even if you’re simply planning a few hours drive to see family, traveling over the holidays can be hectic, expensive and stressful. Here are a few tips to help you maintain your sanity during this year’s travel rush. Read more…

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Successful People Share These Two Characteristics

So what makes some people successful and others mediocre? Is it innate talent, education or just plain ole good luck? Is there some secret formula that some discover and others don’t? Could it be as simple as being in the right place, at the right time and knowing the right people? The answer to all of those questions is–yes. All of those elements are factors in determining your level of success. However, the two most important characteristics that ultimately determine success are… Read More

Learn How Yoga Helps the Mind-Body Connection to Alleviate Pain

We all know that stretching, to some degree, helps to relieve muscle tension and tightness. However, some complain that the benefits of stretching provides only short-term, minimal relief at best, making it a waste of time and energy. In order to truly understand muscle tightness and how to reap the benefits of stretching, one must first understand the complexities of the muscle and brain connection.

Muscle tension begins with messages from the brain to contract certain fibers in your body. Chronic stress, however, leads your brain to contract muscles of your body that are not needed in order to perform particular tasks. In these instances, stretching alone will only provide minimal relief for muscles. Read More

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